How to Keep Your Neck Young-Looking

By | August 24, 2016

You can see it on numerous women and wrongly believe that it won’t happen to you.

However, the truth is that if you do not take care of your neck, it will start to look old well before your face.

But there are some proven ways to keep your neck looking young and they do not include surgery.

It is common that many women spend a lot of time caring for their faces using expensive creams, professional facials and homemade remedies, but ignore their necks until it’s too late.

The good news is that your neck doesn’t have to look old in your 30s; if you take all the right steps and apply them with due care, you can make sure that your neck looks young and beautiful well into your 50s and 60s.

If you apply these proven tips, you will wear your hair in a ponytail ever day just to show off that stunning neck.

young neck


The number one rule your should always keep in mind – treat your neck like your face!

If you take care of your face every morning and night, and neglect your neck, in the end you will have a soft, smooth face and an old neck. I’m sure you know that it’s not pretty.

Starting today, the same amount of care you give to your face, you should also give to your neck.

When applying a face mask, apply it to your neck too; when exfoliating your face, do the same to your neck.

Above all, use a high SPF on your neck to prevent aging. Neck skin is very thin and sensitive, and it will age quickly if you do not stop UV rays.


Stretching and exercising your neck on a regular basis will prevent stiffness and injury. However, strength train your entire body will help your neck stay young. Yes, this is true.

When you strength train, your neck strains to lift the weight, helping it to develop muscles and improve its mobility.

On those days that you do not go to the gym, stretch your neck by leaning your head toward your back and then your chest and by leaning your head toward one shoulder, then the other. Stay in each position for 30 seconds.

Yoga is a great way to exercise your neck muscles.


When doing a facial every 90 days or so, ask for a neck massage as well. This will not increase the price of the treatment and you will benefit immensely.

If you cannot afford facial treatments, massage your neck yourself. Using a moisturizer, massage your neck in an upwards motion.


It’s logical that if you put on some extra weight, some of it will appear on your neck. Being overweight is ugly to begin with, but with “neck fat,” you will look really bad.

By exercising and eating a healthy diet, you will prevent developing a double chin and fleshy neck.


When watching TV in your living room or bedroom, pay attention to your position. Do you lower your jaw toward your chest and leave it in that position for hours?

If you do this all the time and it becomes a habit, sooner or later your neck will develop fine lines and the skin may begin to sag.

So make sure that you keep your chin up at all times. This will prevent your neck from developing folds or wrinkles prematurely.

Also, try to keep your chin up when you’re sitting at your computer. Avoid having your chin resting on your chest. This is one of the worse posture habits that people have.

Hold your chin high and you’ll see a new you with your neck looking young.


If you sleep on a few pillows, stop doing it immediately. If you sleep in this way, you will end up with a curved neck and eventually wrinkles will show up. By sleeping on a low pillow, your neck will stay elongated all night.


Make use of an anti-aging neck cream to treat deep lines. Use a cream that is specially produced for the neck.

Use this nourishing cream on your neck regularly so your skin can recover during the night. With its regular use, the skin on your neck will become silkier, smoother, and tighter.

It is imperative that you start following all these tips as soon as possible because a sagging neck, or as some call it a turkey neck, is one of the hardest places to tone up and get to look younger again.

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