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By | July 18, 2016

When you talk anti aging, more often our necks are giving away our true age, more than our face.

Thank goodness for StriVectin because they have TL Advanced neck cream that really has been a game changer when it comes to treating your neck area.

StriVectin-TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream
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You can see StriVectin in the ads, it’s all over magazines, so much press about them.

StriVectin is where science meets prestige, luxury skin care. They are targeted treatment line that addresses concerns with aging, which we all have.

It is also the company that has the number one selling neck cream in prestige retail in the US.

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So the question would be: why the neck?

Neck is the living birth certificate! You walk into a room and your neck announces your age or any age maybe you don’t want to be saying, but does it match what you’re doing to treat your face?

The thing is we don’t use our body cream for our face so why would we use our face cream for our neck. Skin is much thinner, just like the area around the eye is thinner.

So you wanna give it a treatment product that is addressing exactly what it needs.

Why StriVectin is different? When I mentioned science, it’s about the NIA-114 technology, a patented, proprietary ingredient along with Gravitite-CF and that is what addresses the aging signs of the skin.

They do something that no other skin line does! They go to the skin barrier! They address that area, where we do see the signs of aging, where we see the fine lines and wrinkles, where we see the crepiness.

This is a portion of your skin and that purple line is your skin barrier:

skin moisture lost

Here the water molecules are just escaping. Your fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced and that’s what gives you the signs of aging.

The TL Advanced goes on the top and look what happens:

skin more resilient

The arrows are turning around. The skin appears more resilient and less dry. Fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced.

So there you see the skin barrier is very different:

skin barrier before after

Look at the before, dry, dull, old looking skin; the after, more resilient, younger looking skin. Your barrier function is improved. It’s moisture story. Think about the grape and the raisin. The grape is hydrated; same item though, the raisin is dehydrated, You want to be the grape!

Take a look at this before and after picture. This is two weeks:

Anti-Aging Neck Cream results

Look at the before at the neck, at the throat. Look at the criss-cross, the hatching of the lines. Look at that same area after 14 days in the after. It is much less reduced in the appearance of those fine lines.

You wonder, who are they doing these studies on. They go to mature women.

Look at this lady:

top rated neck cream before after

She is a more mature woman. Same idea with the crepiness at the throat and lines are coming up to the ear. This is after 8 weeks! Look at that after; she matches a perception study that says 100% of the ladies who use this have skin that is softer, more supple, more hydrated.

This is really impactful:

neck and chest cream

It’s a profile but look at those deep planted rings, like the rings of a tree in the before. Now look at the after, look at the diminishing of the fine lines and wrinkles and how her skin looks firmer.

That’s why so many people shop for StriVectin TL Advanced cream. Because of the results like these.

I love it because it doesn’t matter if I’m in my 70s and my wrinkles are there and pronounced, it’s not too latte for me.

That’s the point. If you thought it was too late, it’s not. This cream is going to have you looking awesome.

You want to use it twice a day, just a little pearl size and it is a very nice, potent treatment product. You want something that’s going to absolutely target the fine lines and wrinkles.

And less is more. If you feel that it’s starting to peeling, you can scale back, you don’t have to use it as much. But it feels great when you put it on and it has been proven to treat those fine lines wrinkles, to give you beautiful looking neck!

When I’m walking down the street or even some people in my own family, they have beautiful skin on the face, you know they are spending a lot of money on their treatment, maybe some go see their dermatologist, but then you look at their neck and it’s like two different ages staring right at me. They just do not match.

You do not want to be that woman, You want to look all the same!

When you are older, you become much more conscious of it. There are certain things you can do for different things, but the neck is a tough one!

You really have to address it and you have to take care of it every day, twice a day. Just simply move upward and go all the way around, because the neck is all the way around. Make sure you’re treating it properly and it just feels so good. It has pleasant scent, feels very concentrated. As soon as you touch it, you gonna know a little bit goes a long way. Very thick and creamy.

One of the things I love to tell you about this product is that 85% of the ladies who used this cream, said it is the best neck cream they ever used. So imagine if you walk into a room of a hundred people and 85 people said this is the best neck cream I’ve ever used. I would sit up and take notice.

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